Since 2010, ADSE has provided continuing education units through Fresno Pacific University’s Center for Professional Development.  The unique design allows individuals to work for a full year at their own pace to copmlete the course material.  Continuing education units may fulfill your state continuation requirements and increase your pay while growing your knowledge.  Course work is immediately applicable to your classroom.  Learn more about ADSE’s offerings below or contact us directly for additional information.

SED 901N:  High Incidence Disabilities.  This course provides students with an overview of the most common disabilities found in private and public schools: learning disabilities, other health impairments – AD/HD, asthma, diabetes, and Tourette’s syndrome – along with autism and speech and language disorders. The course will also provide insights to executive functioning and the impact on social skill development. Practical and applicable strategies and interventions for the classroom are presented.


SED 902N: Pubic Law, Private Schools, and Special Education.  This course provides insight as special education law and its impact on private and parochial schools from grades pre-school through 12th. Students will research their individual states and create materials that they can use to request an educational assessment from the public schools. Students will learn about the funding allocations allotted to private schools in their state. Students will learn what an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meeting is and
what their role is in the process.

SED 904N:  Special Education Law & Ethics. 
 Candidates will demonstrate in-depth understanding of students’ and parents’ legal rights and responsibilities regarding special education. Federal laws regarding special education and state laws specific to each student will be discussed. The Council for Exceptional Children’s Code of Ethics will be examined and discussed.


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Special Education and Cultural Competence.





Living Together:  Understanding Values.